Perfect Ways to Shave Beard| An Ultimate Guide

Most of the people might think that trimming the beard is a counter-intuitive work to do at home if the ultimate goal is to maintain the length of their beard. There are many tutorials for long beard trimming available on YouTube and on other social platforms which will give you ultimate solution about shaving your beard. Growing a beard is a bit easy task but maintaining its look and feel is the bit risky. If you stopped Shaving beard for some days, then you quickly grow your beard. But now things are going to be on a different track because most of the people have fewer diseases and another job. We know that there are many ways to shave beard because men’s beard requires more and more tailoring. A wild look beard might show you dramatic manliness look. But, you are a businessman then you must shave your beard to look professional. So, it’s essential to go for styling your beard.

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Products used to shave your beard:

A well trimmed or well shave beard requires additional products rather than razors and shaving creams. There is the best trimmer for stubble bread trimming available in the market which is affordable and highly recommended for all age of men and boys. Before starting to cut down your beard, you need to buy some products that are used for safe shaving. These products include:

1)     Tinted Moisturizers:

If you have a quiet magnificent facial hair or having short beard grooming, then you have 50- 70 % chances to cut down underneath the skin. We know that out face underneath the surface of the skin is bit lighter and sensitive than the rest of the face it may get damaged if we don’t apply tinted moisturizer before saving.

2)     After shaving moisturizers:

Shaving off the substantial hair of beard or styling your beard is a bit risky task to do at home. You may undoubtedly feel irritation after shaving. There are various after shaving moistures or shaving balm available in the market that which will help your face to set in the previous state. You need to use a few amounts of after shaving balm or moisturizer right after shaving which can avoid irritation and itching.

3)     Use of Exfoliates:

Most of the teenager boys and men have pimples and ingrown hairs on their skin. Sometimes after shaving, people might see redness on their face. A good exfoliate will help you to remove pimples and redness by eliminating tired and dead skin cells. To take care of the beard and face skin, you need to do exfoliation with some homemade scrubs to avoid redness.

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4)     Good brush or comb:

We all have multiple combs and brushes in homes, but we suggest you use a wooden comb for detailing purposes. For long beard trimming, you must use a small wooden comb because that will not disturb your ingrown hairs and pimple. If you use a steel comb, then you might feel itching.

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5)     High Grades shaving clippers:

There are many high grades and favorite shaving clippers used to trim your beard hairs. Wahl beard clipper is used to shave your beard at home.

6)     Shaving trimmers or razors:

Most of the people know about the best place from where to buy a beard trimmer for their daily use. Shaving trimmers or shavers are found in every store, but you might see a variety of razors everywhere. Shaving razors can easily strop all the hairs of beard with its stainless steel blades.

Multiple Ways to shave beard at home:

Most of the people especially grown-up boys are a bit conscious about their beard. They are always bit confused that where to shave a beard.  To shave your beard efficiently, you must follow the follow the one of the ways to shave beard and steps which are:

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Step 1: Trim the beard first by using Wahl beard clipper:

People might think that we can directly shave our hairs by using one of the best ways to shave beard but why would we do trimming first. The reason is that direct shaving can take a tediously long time and also it can tear your underneath skin. If you have the short beard, then you may use the best trimmer for stubble which will help you to avoid skin tearing. If you have a long beard, then use sideburn trimmer or cut down long hairs with scissors. Wahl clipper also works tremendously and effectively.

Step 2: Now prepare your beard:

There are many short beard grooming products available in the market that can be used to soften your stubble hairs or beard. These products include pre-shave oils or moisturizers. Pre-shaved oil works great and provides the soft moisturizing effect to your short facial hairs. It also makes the hair pores soft so that you will feel supple and smooth skin. If you have a sleeky long beard, then you must use pre-shaved oils to minimize shaving cuts.

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You can also steam your face by using a warm towel. Using a warm towel can minimize the shaving cuts. You can place a small towel in a hot water bowl. Now put the hot towel on your face to get warm steam. Stand it on your face for a few minutes. After doing two to three times wring out the hot towel and lie down for a few minutes. Let the steam soften up your stubble pores. Using softens creams and shaving cream can soften the beard hairs. It is used to avoid irritation because it acts as a safeguard.

Important tip: Do not overheat the towel. Excess heat can increase the blood flow and increase face redness.

Step 3: Choosing the best shaver for stubble:

Choosing right shaver or your stubble and long beard is a bit risky task to do. The whole market is full of expensive and efficient shavers. There are many long blades or short blades shaver available in the market. To get the best shaver for stubble, you need to go through the market and get the expected shaver according to your skin type.

Step 4: Start shaving your beard:

Shaving your beard requires lots of effort and concentration. People want to know about that from where to shave a beard without getting any cuts. Shaving beard depends upon the length and thickness of your facial hairs. Most of the people who are familiar with shaving can take a few minutes to clean shave every day. The best every way to get a clean, smooth skin after shaving beard is to use a sharp razor blade.  Make sure that you hold the surface of your face gently while shaving with razors. It also minimizes skin irritation while shaving. If you feel that you still look stubbly, then you can again shave all across the grain. Remember that after shaving you must rinse off the face with lukewarm water.  If you are feeling irritation, then do not start scratching to the affected part on the face skin. It might cause redness and intense irritation.

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Step 6: Gently apply aftershave or moisturizers:

One of the most critical steps in specific after shaving is the use of after shaving moisturizers. Most of the people do not use after shaving moisturizer and creams to avoid irritation. These types of people might face redness and feel irritation. Some of them might feel tight and itchy skin. Most of the people feel burning sensation right after shaving. You must apply moisturizers on the skin right after shaving to avoid these trouble making things. The best way to trim beard is to use moisture excessively. It will smooth down your skin and do not cause harmful symptoms.

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Important note:

  • Do not apply a moisturizer with forced hands.
  • Make sure to risen out your shaving cream.

Beard trimming tips and tricks:

There are specific ways to shave beard, but some of the people do not follow and get unexpected results. While going for a specific and following of the best ways to shave beard always follow the shaving rules so that you won’t let down in front of your partners. Some of the trimming or shaving tips are mentioned below for your convenience.

  • Always trim your stubble or long beard when it correctly gets dry. If you apply trimmer on wet skin, then you might feel discomfort or irritation.
  • Investing a small amount of money in buying a pair of clippers can provide a better sense of shaving.
  • Clippers are long-lasting and durable.
  • Do not ever assume all shaving guard same. Every brand manufactures different products. Always choose a high-quality product for shaving because you face underneath the skin is so sensitive and can be damaged with the use of wrong or low-quality product.
  • The best way to trim beard is with four-guard trimmers which are easily found in local medical stores.
  • The neck skin is sensitive enough and can bunch together so make sure to stretch it while shaving.

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